Genre : Horror
Length : 2.5 months
Status : Finished game
Team : 6
Engine : Unity
Plateform : PC

Roles :


What I've done :

  • Pitch, concept & project's vision
  • Designed & balanced character & enemies metrics
  • Defined, impl√©mented & balanced camera's Gamefeel effects
  • Designed et implemented Enemies AI
  • AI, Controller & Eye tracker C# Programming

Game Design

I'm the one at the origin of the concept of Don't Look. I was interested in the horror genre for his design and staging potential but also Chiaroscuro-like ambiance which always fascinated me.
That's why I came up with this progression system in darkness thanks to the eye tracker with the objective to make the player fear looking at his screen.

Concentration Mechanic

The eye tracker was at first only used to control the light beam, we later followed our teacher's advice to add light activable devices which made the player use his gaze also to interact with objects. It enabled us new possibilities in level design but also created another problem : missing intentionality.

Players could now use objects with their eyes but they actualy did without making the choice to. They didn't understand and felt a lack of control with this new mechanic. That's why I thought about a concentration mechanic.

The idea is simple : add another light state to trigger objects, controled by the player with a button. Triggering devices was not accidental anymore but chosen. We then added new objects to interact with like doors, light detectors and elevators to make it part of the core experience of the game and reinforcing the use of the eye tracking.

Eyes closed

To hide from the spider, players would have to get inside a closet and close their eyes for real. The idea turned out to be one of the most remarkable feature in the game. they only could count on their ears to ensure the monster went away without stopping.